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Bluejacket Outdoor Drama, Xenia ,Ohio

Hikers will enjoy visiting Indian Mound Reserve Park which features a cascading waterfall, easy hiking trails, a limestone gorge, and one of Ohio's famed Indian mounds!

 2 minutes

Young's Jersey Dairy attracts over 1.5 million visitors per year. That's alot of ice cream! Come find out why we are one of Ohio's best (and yummiest) family tourist destinations! We're everybody's family farm!

8 minutes

Built in 1802, the The Historic Clifton Mill is one of Ohio's most-visited attractions and has the largest Christmas Light display in the world. The village of Clifton also features numerous antiques shops!

5 Minutes.

Yellow Springs, Ohio is just 10 minutes from Hearthstone Inn & Suites 1-877 OHIO-INN(644-6466)

Popular with tourist from around the country, the village of Yellow Springs offer great hiking in Glen Helen Nature Reserve, outstanding dining, and many nique shops!

10 minutes.
Heart of Ohio Antique Mall, Springfield Ohio

Join antiquers from around the country at our fine area antique shops. Clifton (5 minutes) and Springfield (15 minutes) are just down the road. The huge Heart of Ohio Springfield Antique Mall and the Springfield Antique Extravaganza are just 18 minutes.

5-45 minutes.

The "Antique Capital of the Mid-West" and the home of the annual Sauerkraut Festival in October! Shop Waynesville Ohio for a fabulous selection of antiques

25 minutes.

Get information on long trips, day-tours, and bike path enjoyment.

The Bike Path runs right through the village of Cedarville!

Caesar's Creek, Pioneer Village, Waynesville. Travel back in time to the early 19th century for a day!

30 minutes.

The National Afro-American Museum is an enriching experience in learning about black history. Located at Central State University, nearby Wilberforce.

5 minutes.

History from the 19th century including the Wright Brothers and numerous famous Dayton natives. A great family outing!

30 minutes.

The renown Hara Arena features conferences and conventions to the world including the national Hamvention (Ham radio)! Located in Dayton.

30 minutes.

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